Good governance

Sustainable practices, law and policy compliance, transparent reporting and governance make the foundation of our business. We practice strictly controlled liquor licensing.


Sustainable practices: Our practices are aligned with all alcohol, liquor, food and employment laws, regulations and provisions. We encourage our personnel to more sustainable activities through training, guidance, and sharing of good practices and operating models.

Enabling entrepreneurship and good work: At the core of our business is a partner model that emphasizes entrepreneurship, where restaurateurs together with strong brands and concepts enable meaningful experiences. We are one of the biggest employers in the restaurant business in all our current markets. Depending on the season, the Group has approximately 2,800 employees converted to fulltime workforce, but our employment impact extends to thousands of employees in numerous other industries.

Impact on society: We are a major domestic and international company and as one of the largest restaurant companies in the Nordic countries our operations have a wide-ranging impact on society as a whole. Our vision is to be the leading restaurant company in Northern Europe and to grow in this role responsibly and profitably.

Sustainability integrated into operations | Operational excellence | Profitable growth

ACTIONS 2022-2024
Code of Conduct, whistleblowing | Digital solutions | Scaling of the operative competence and the partner model | Growth that allows for employment, payment of taxes and dividends

Employee well-being survey results (sustainability section) | EBIT margin 10%


Positive impact on growth through sustainability integration