Strategic focus on profitable growth

Strategy for the 2019–2021 strategy period:

The Group aims to achieve a turnover of over MEUR 600 and a profit margin of approximately 7.5 per cent by the end of 2021. The restaurant segment aims to achieve a turnover of approximately MEUR 350 and a profit margin of approximately 8 per cent. The target for the labour hire segment is a turnover of approximately MEUR 300 and a profit margin of approximately 6.5 per cent. The Group will update the estimate for the financial period on an annual basis in conjunction with the result release for the fourth quarter.

The key aims of the Group’s new strategy are profitable growth in Finnish growth centres and large events organically, through new establishments and corporate acquisitions as well as digitally, international expansion to the Northern European market using the partner model as well as profitable growth in labour hire services organically and through corporate acquisitions. The Group will endeavour to increase dividend payments every year.


The vision is to be the most significant restaurant company in Northern Europe, which has also partly dictated Restamax’s need to reinvent its identity.


To develop interesting new restaurants and concepts for all target groups.


Our operations and decisions are steered by our entrepreneurial approach, profitable growth, quickness, courage and passion.

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