About us

Creative innovator of the Northern European restaurant market

We are one of the leading restaurant groups in Finland. As a strongly growing and increasingly international operator, we want to advance and enrich the Northern European restaurant field by taking tried and true concepts seamlessly to new markets and bringing in the latest trends from abroad.

It is the vision of NoHo Partners to be the leading restaurant company in Northern Europe. Northern Europe is an interesting market of EUR 100 billion, with active and constantly increasing consumption of restaurant services. The valuable local knowledge and experience of our committed partners combined with the economies of scale, resources and efficiency of a large company create excellent preconditions for our success in various target markets.

Our ownership has a face – the Group’s founders are strongly involved in decision-making and business development. Our growth is driven by decades of diverse experience in the restaurant business. We are one of the biggest employers in the restaurant field in Finland with approximately 2,800 employees a month converted into full-time employees, depending on the season.

The roots of NoHo Partners extend all the way back to 1990. Read our history here!