Insider administration

According to the company’s inside guidelines:

NoHo Partners Plc’s management and personnel participating in financial reporting may not trade (on their own account or that of a third party) directly or indirectly in the company’s financial instruments during the closed period of 30 calendar days before the publication of the company’s financial statements bulletin or any interim report (the so-called ‘closed window’).

In its insider administration, NoHo Partners follows the company-internal insider guidelines and insider guidelines 2018 of the stock exchange.

NoHo Partners’ Deputy CEO Jarno Suominen is in charge of insider matters, and the insider register is taken care of by Business Controller Nitta Martikainen.

The Market Abuse Regulation (”MAR”) became effective on July 3, 2016. As a result of the MAR regulation, NoHo Partners no longer has public insiders.