Reporting suspected misconduct

Whistleblowing – anonymous notification channel

NoHo Partners Plc is committed to operate in a transparent, open and ethical manner and according to applicable laws, rules and regulations. We want to monitor the implementation of our principles daily, which is why we have introduced an anonymous Whistleblow reporting channel. Through it, our employees, customers and partners can report if they suspect us of misconduct or conduct that does not comply with our principles.

Primarily we encourage you to discuss your concerns with your supervisor or contact person. However, if you feel you are unable to share your information openly, you may report it anonymously through the Whistleblow channel. You do not need to have firm evidence of misconduct; however, reports should be submitted honestly and in good faith. Deliberate reporting of false information is strictly forbidden.

Report when you suspect possible abuse or unethical conduct at NoHo Partners, such as fraudulent, inappropriate, dishonest, illegal or negligent activity or behaviour. The whistleblowing procedure should not be used for customer complaints or to report on issues related to personal disputes. If you wish to make a customer complaint, please do so by contacting the restaurant in question.

Sending the notification is easy and safe by following the instructions on the form. The reporting channel is provided by an external, impartial service provider Easywhistle Oy. They are responsible for the technical implementation, ensuring the whistleblower’s anonymity, and safeguarding the information provided in the report. They also see to it that the service meets the highest possible data protection requirements. Reports can be made in Finnish and English.

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