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NoHo Partners Plc’s Financial Reporting in 2020

NoHo Partners Plc will publish the 2019 financial statements bulletin on Thursday 5/03/2020 approximately at 8:15am.

NoHo Partners Plc’s 2019 financial statements and annual report will be published during week 13.

The financial reports for 2020 will be published as follows: 

Interim report for January-March on Tuesday 12/05/2020 approximately at 8:15am
Half-year report for January-June on Tuesday 11/08/2020 approximately at 8:15am
Interim report for January-September on Tuesday 10/11/2020 approximately at 8:15am

NoHo Partners Plc’s Annual General Meeting will be held in Tampere on Wednesday 22/04/2020. The invitation to the Annual General Meeting will be published during week 13.

Silent period begins 3 weeks before the result is published.