Pre-Orders is a digital service provided by NoHo Partners Plc, allowing the advance ordering of NoHo Partners Plc’s services and products to a desired delivery location. Pre-Orders are currently available exclusively to business users (business Account).

Pre-Orders are placed either by the business user or by our staff. The order includes details about the selected products and services, along with the recipient’s information, delivery location, and delivery time. The delivery location and time are linked to events, ensuring adherence to the current offerings and availability of the event.

The delivery location is a free-text field, based on a predetermined number or identifier (e.g., department number) known to the orderer in advance. The entered delivery location must be within the designated operational area of NoHo Partners Plc, where the company operates as a service provider. If the delivery location cannot be found or is located outside the aforementioned area, NoHo Partners Plc reserves the right to charge any applicable delivery and service costs.

The delivery date is specific to each order. During the product selection process for Pre-Orders, a more precise time is specified for the desired delivery of the Pre-Order products. These times are not exact delivery times; they are based on the initiation of serving shifts. A single serving shift may include multiple orders, and as such, Pre-Orders are dispatched based on the current situation, delivery area, and demand.

Pre-Orders must be placed a minimum of 1 (one) business day before the event begins. Upon successful placement of a Pre-Order, the recipient will receive an order confirmation via email, outlining the contents of the order. Pre-Order details are also accessible in the Business Account’s account management section under order history.

Pre-Orders are delivered to the designated delivery location at the desired time. The available selection may vary based on the order, and NoHo Partners Plc reserves all rights to use, deliver, and invoice for substitute products.

Pre-Orders are invoiced in accordance with the delivery to business account information either at the conclusion of the event or as stipulated by a separate agreement.