Daniel Knuttel and Lasse Wiwe:
Cock’s & Cows and The Bird, Copenhagen

Daniel Knuttel and Lasse Wiwe, the founders of Cock’s & Cows and The Bird, are the Group’s partners in Copenhagen. Knuttel is the CEO of the restaurant companies in question, and Wiwe is the development director, in charge of the restaurants’ commercial connections, growth and external operations.

Knuttel and Wiwe have been pleased with their cooperation with NoHo Partners. They draw parallels between the parties’ history and operating models.

“Our partnership with NoHo Partners has been reciprocal and multi-faceted. We like the fact that we have very similar roots: we both started with nothing and created successful restaurants in our areas. Each party’s long experience from the restaurant business also complement each other,” Knuttel says.

The partners appreciate the backing they have received from the Group. They see a bright future, full of opportunities.

“As an entrepreneur, it has been amazing to receive expertise and additional resources from NoHo Partners, for example in financial matters. We have worked so long to create successful restaurant services and products, and now we are ready to take them further. We and NoHo Partners have a great future ahead of us – together we can fly!” says Wiwe.

Cock’s & Cows and The Bird became a part of the restaurant portfolio of NoHo Partners in spring 2018.

Daniel Knuttel

Daniel Knuttel

Founder, CEO
Cock's & Cows, The Bird

Lasse Wive

Founder, Development Director
Cock's & Cows, The Bird