NoHo Partners is the new restaurant operator of Allas Sea Pool

NoHo Partners Plc
Press release 29 January 2021

The restaurant company NoHo Partners has been selected as the restaurant operator for the Allas Sea Pool centre located at Katajanokka, Helsinki. In the future, NoHo Partners will be responsible for the diverse restaurant and licenced alcohol business operations of this popular venue. The joint goal of the operators is to invest in the vitality of urban culture and its development.

Allas Sea Pool is an urban well-being centre which has operated right next to the Market Square since 2016 and become one of Helsinki’s most popular tourist attractions. Allas Sea Pool is visited by approximately 800,000 people each year. In addition to swimming, sauna bathing and enjoying the restaurant services, Allas Sea Pool visitors are increasingly participating in well-being and urban culture events. The all-season operations of Allas Sea Pool are developed together with its 1,000 owners and 2,000 members.

NoHo Partners will take over the responsibility for Allas Sea Pool’s restaurant services, which cover a wide range of restaurant, cafe, terrace and event operations. Both Allas Sea Pool and NoHo share the strong desire to renew and develop the urban and event cultures. Starting the cooperation was thus easy for the operators. The food and beverage offering will be developed in cooperation, and the new concept will be launched later this year.

“Our mission is to offer new experiences and opportunities to encounter to the city’s residents. Allas Sea Pool is one of Helsinki’s most interesting sites which plays a crucial role in the vitality of the city centre. This is also one of our flagship projects in which we will make our contribution to the urban culture and rebuilding of the sector. We understand Allas Sea Pool’s significance to the city’s residents, and we will take up this challenge eagerly and humbly,” says Aku Vikström, CEO, NoHo Partners.

“NoHo will offer strong restaurant and service expertise as well as great networks to Allas Sea Pool’s restaurant operations. Selecting NoHo Partners as our restaurant and licenced alcohol serving partner will increase our opportunities to develop Allas Sea Pool’s diverse food and beverage concept suitable for the Nordic way of life. We will also offer this concept to Allas projects planned in other Nordic cities,” says Raoul Grünstein, CEO, Nordic Urban, the parent company of Allas Sea Pool.

Allas Sea Pool’s restaurant operations will be transferred to NoHo Partners, which will be Allas Sea Pool’s tenant as of 1 February 2021. Allas Sea Pool’s restaurant employees will be transferred as old employees to the service of the new restaurant operator.

Further information:

Aku Vikström, CEO, NoHo Partners Plc
Tel. +358 44 011 1989

Raoul Grünstein, CEO, Nordic Urban Oy
Tel. +35 40 546 5630

NoHo Partners Plc is a Finnish group established in 1996, specialising in restaurant services. The company, which was listed on NASDAQ Helsinki in 2013 and became the first Finnish listed restaurant company, has continued to grow strongly throughout its history. The Group companies include some 250 restaurants in Finland, Denmark and Norway. The well-known restaurant concepts of the company include Elite, Savoy, Teatteri, Yes Yes Yes, Stefan’s Steakhouse, Palace, Löyly, Hanko Sushi, Friends & Brgrs and Cock’s & Cows. In 2019, NoHo Partners Plc’s turnover was MEUR 272.8 and EBIT MEUR 30.6. Depending on the season, the Group employs approximately 2,100 people converted into full-time workers.

Allas Sea Pool’s parent company Nordic Urban develops and operates floating well-being centres implemented in urban environments. Nordic Urban enlivens city centres by offering well-being services from sauna bathing to swimming and urban culture events from music performances to festivals. The operations of the company are based on the Nordic principles for the good life and well-being created through spending time together by the water.