Product Tickets

Product Tickets

Product tickets is a digital service provided by NoHo Partners Plc, allowing pre-ordered product tickets to be used as a method of payment during the purchasing phase. These product tickets entitle the holder to food, beverage items, and other specified products at NoHo Partners’ establishments, in accordance with the validity period and terms of the product tickets.

Product tickets can be ordered and paid for through our online store using online payment (Paytrail) or invoicing (Corporate Account). When ordering with online payment, the product tickets are paid for in full in advance. When ordering with invoicing, the product tickets are invoiced based on usage, either after the event or on a monthly basis, depending on usage.

Types of Product Tickets:

  • Food and Beverage Ticket entitles the holder to a specific food or beverage item as defined on the ticket during the order. The food and beverage ticket is marked as used when either the validity period or the ticket itself is used. The food and beverage ticket is for one-time use. Value Ticket entitles the holder to an order of a certain value based on the information on the ticket.
  • The value ticket is marked as used when either the validity period or the ticket itself is used. The value ticket is for one-time use.
  • Gift Card entitles the holder to make purchases up to the loaded value on the gift card. The gift card is valid based on the information provided and the remaining value. The gift card is marked as used when either the validity period has expired or the value has been used.

    Product tickets Order

    The product tickets order is placed by the customer or the NoHo Partners sales service. The order specifies the validity period of the product tickets and selects the desired product tickets for the order. The product tickets order includes a chosen quantity of the same or different products, forming an individual product tickets package. The order can include multiple product tickets packages, which are consistent in content for all users of the order’s product tickets. During shipment or reservation, one (1) product tickets package can be assigned per email address.

    Sending and Reserving Product Tickets

    When ordering product tickets, the customer receives an order confirmation describing the product tickets order and general instructions for sending or reserving the product tickets. The order confirmation should not be shared further, as it contains the link for sending the product tickets. In addition to the order confirmation, the customer receives a ”Reserve Product Tickets” email, which can be forwarded to the users of the product tickets. If the order is made through the NoHo Partners sales service (e.g., by phone), the details of the order confirmation and the process of sending or reserving the product tickets are agreed upon separately. Through the link provided in the order confirmation email, the customer can send the product tickets directly to users by entering their email addresses in a text field or by uploading a CSV file. After successful transmission, users receive a notification of the received product tickets in their email. Using the product tickets requires users to accept the terms of service.

    The customer can also share a reservation service link (recommended method), through which users can personally reserve product tickets using their own email addresses and accepting the terms of service for the product tickets. After a successful reservation, users receive a separate email, allowing them to access and use the reserved product tickets.

    My Product Tickets and Usage

    The personalized link to ”My Product Tickets” is included in the email message sent after successful transmission or reservation. Through the ”My Product Tickets” link, users can view their own product tickets, ticket product details, validity period, and locations.

    Product tickets are valid for a predetermined period, and they cannot be used outside of this validity period, either before or after. Expired product tickets are marked as expired in the user’s own product tickets.

    At the checkout, users should notify the cashier of the ticket product being used to ensure smooth usage. The ticket product is used at the checkout by activating the individual ticket and scanning the QR code that appears on the cashier’s scanning device. The ticket product is marked as used when the cashier finalizes the transaction.

    In the event of unexpected issues with the cash register or instructions from the cashier, the ticket product can also be used manually directly from the user’s device. Manual usage of the ticket product is available from the lower part of the activated ticket and is only applicable to food and beverage tickets and value tickets. A manually used ticket product is marked as fully used and is no longer available in the user’s own product tickets after manual usage.

    Billing for Product Tickets (Corporate Account only)

    Billing for product tickets is based on usage and is invoiced to corporate account information either at the conclusion of the event or as stipulated by a separate agreement.

    Cancellation of Used Product Tickets

    Product tickets can be canceled by the restaurant’s supervisors in case of erroneous reading or usage situations. A canceled order returns the respective ticket product to the user’s own product tickets.