Reporting misconduct

In its operations, NoHo Partners Plc complies with honest principles and aims at continuously ensuring that there is no misconduct in its operations.

The Group uses a whistleblowing channel for reporting market abuse. The purpose of this is to promote complying with corporate governance and ethical principles, identify misconduct and encourage everyone to report misconduct and suspected misconduct. All reports are anonymous.

You can report market abuse, breaching operating principles, regulations and orders and suspicions of them, among other things. When reporting suspected misconduct, the system asks to submit the name of the person to be reported and a detailed description of the misuse, misconduct, suspicion or possible dishonest activities (how, where and when it has occurred).

Submit your report using the below form. The reports are always processed in confidence complying with the requirements of the Personal Data Act for both the person reporting and the person suspected of misconduct. First, the reports are directed to the Group’s CFO who will transfer them to be discussed by the Board of Directors, if necessary.

    You can find the Privacy Policy of NoHo Partners Plc’s Whistleblowing channel here.